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About Us

Training & Mentoring is my Passion, Investments & Trading is my Life so guide you every step of your life! – Somnath Patil.

A Skilled and experience Trainer:

Somnath started conducting seminars on stock market trading and Investments on all type like Basics of stock market, Fundamental analysis, technical analysis and data analysis even he had designed some modified options strategies which are totally differed but in very low risk rewards high. He also known as Option master in his area Nasik and Uttar Maharashtra.

Now, he has designed very successful strategy using open Interest, Options data, Elliott wave theory and Demand zone and Supply zone which is not rewarding to his clients in his area but also all over India

He possess almost 13 years of experience with him in this period he has seen all type of Bull market, Bear market as well as sideways market. He suggest traders and investors that they have to separate their strategies for trading and investing as per he, the 365 days of year contains almost 120 holidays and in the remaining 245 days market or any stocks in trends almost 45 days and remaining 200 days sideways or in trading zones where trend trades always fail but contra trades always win.

He develop the psychology of trader to trade confidently by controlling their fears and greed. He always tell their clients that if you quite confident on your system then fear or greed not come in to play but if you are in doubt then it will eat all your profits and put you in loss.

He tells that in his last 13 years he made a lot of mistakes but always learnt from every mistake he had made and that make him a successful trader as well as help to create a strategic system which is quite profitable now in market.

Now, he is ready to share the same strategic system with you and it is the greatness about him I think.

The complex structure and concepts of this system he explains such way that everyone feels that they know the things very well and already experienced in the market. He gives the direction to thinking. The simplicity of him and the simple language use in workshops make the trainings very comfortable that everyone see and feel it like family and discuss every doubt fully that helps everyone benefited from it and think yes, it is worth more than value for money.

A Corporate Leader:

Somnath has an excellent academic record with a Degree in Commerce and a MBA from ICFAI. He spent his years of career in the Finance in India only. He is associated with SR Global Wealth management Services as Partner and Research Head – Equity since December 12, 2012.